Young, Bilingual, Bicultural: Latinas Gaining Consumer Power

//Young, Bilingual, Bicultural: Latinas Gaining Consumer Power

Young, Bilingual, Bicultural: Latinas Gaining Consumer Power

NORWALK, Conn. — Celina Villanueva likes to shop for bargains without sacrificing quality. With a growing family of five to feed she is extremely cost-conscious.

“I look for the best product at the best price…I am loyal to products that I like and I recommend those that I like to my friends,“ said the Peruvian native while shopping at a warehouse bulk store in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Image: Celina Villanueva Latina 2.0
Celina Villanueva, 41, peruses the aisles at a local Norwalk, CT, wholesale store. Alexandra Campbell Howe

She is one of 28 million Hispanic females living in the U.S. who are gaining in consumer power and influence. According to new data, Latinas like Villanueva are in the driver’s seat of U.S. growth.

“Marketers are looking at a new Latina,” explains Stacie M. de Armas, vice-president of Strategic Initiatives & Consumer Engagement at Nielsen. “While she is bilingual and bicultural … she is also very much in pursuit of her American dream and that is evidenced by her educational attainment and her advancement in creating businesses.”

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