Who We Are

Madrinas is a not-for-profit 501C(3) organization dedicated to the advancement of Latinas in organizations and to the needs of the corporate Latina. We are a national network of Latina leaders who meet virtually each month and biannually face-to-face.

Why We Exist

Providing a forum for the growing number of Latina professionals was the catalyst for the creation of Madrinas, and it continues to be our passion as we have grown into a vibrant national network of highly educated and accomplished individuals who are succeeding in many different fields and industries.

Our History

Madrinas came to life with the support of Working Mother Media and the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR). A unique organization, Madrinas is dedicated to the leadership development and advancement of Latina professionals. We celebrate our rich Latino cultures, serve as mentors and role models, and leverage our knowledge and experience to help shape the future of our talented women.

The Madrinas Vision

Madrinas – the organization that best understands and supports the leader ship aspiration and career advancement needs of Corporate Latina Leaders.

The Madrinas Difference

Our members are supported through skill-building programs, networking, and mentoring opportunities, in person and in virtual forums. Our distinguished “Conversation with Experts” are monthly programs which feature a variety of expert presenters who address key topics impacting Latinas in the workplace and at home.

Alliance with Simmons School of Management

In 2007, the prestigious Simmons College School of Management formed a unique partnership with Madrinas to develop strategic programs and provide resources to help Latinas advance in their education and careers. Simmons offers specialized executive education programs, as well as mentoring and professional development sessions to help Latina professionals navigate their careers.