From leveraging your networks to strengthen business relationships, to understanding how “Culture” impacts our day-to-day interactions with others, to  hearing from others on how to create better work-life integration, Madrinas has programs to help you advance.


Inclusive leadership requires the commitment of ALL genders, cultures and perspectives. ALL people must consider themselves accountable to do ALL they can to advance women into leadership roles. Now more than ever, it’s important to have uncomfortable conversations about intersectionality, bias, inclusion, race, culture and gender in order to build trust, strengthen partnerships and unite in our declaration to be ALL IN for women.

Trust Matters is the rallying cry of this action-oriented, half-day event that will motivate attendees in the pursuit of higher cross-cultural dialogue and understanding. The program will converge around tools and strategies to effectively rebuild trust, while demonstrating how companies can support and increase employee engagement. We will address what it takes to recruit, retain and promote women in order to create and sustain a more collaborative and inclusive workplace. This is truly when TRUST MATTERS.

Challenge your thinking with inspiring stories, be welcomed into the worlds of others, and engage in open and honest dialogues about what it truly means to be trusting and inclusive.

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