Dr. Maria Valdes, Ph.D.
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Dr. Maria Valdes is an organizational consultant specializing in executive development and coaching. She earned her Bachelor in Psychology, and her Master of Arts and Ph.D. in counseling from the University of Florida. She conducts executive assessments, climate surveys, and group facilitation with senior leadership teams, and other intact teams. She also designs and delivers customized leadership development programs for clients. She trains on topics that include feedback and coaching skills, driving high performance, diversity, managing differences, creating supportive work environments, team building, and utilizing group resources.

Dr. Valdes is an adjunct member of The U.S. Navy Post-Graduate School, Strategic Programs and Mestiza Leadership; she has been at the Western Management Development Center (WMDC) since 1988, and the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) since 1983 and provides feedback and assessment services for a variety of CCL and WMDC courses. In the course of her 25 years as a coach, she has provided over 4,500 individual feedback sessions to executives from a variety of Fortune 500 companies. She has taught training sessions on a variety of executive assessment and leadership development assessment instruments. Additionally, Dr. Valdes trains and develops new feedback specialists. She is fluent in Spanish and conducts executive feedback sessions in both English and Spanish.

Dr. Valdes has worked with financial firms to include American Express, Chase Manhattan, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and CitiCorp; manufacturing companies such as FMC, Stein, Inc., and DSI; publishing companies such as Hartcourt & Brace and Steck Vaughn; and high tech companies such as Qwest and Sun Microsystems. She has worked with non-profits such as Ocean Journey, the Denver Botanic Gardens, and Urban Children’s Coalition; government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, National Security Agency, Food Safety and Inspection Agency and US Fish and Wildlife; and law firms such as Shook, Hardy and Bacon.

Dr. Valdes is familiar with CCL’s research on executive success and derailment factors and has trained classes on these issues as they apply to women and minorities. She facilitates diversity classes including promotional and development issues of women and minority employees. She also trains classes on gender differences and gender communication in the workplace. In her practices she has conducted workshops on retention issues, mentoring programs, and feedback skills as they apply to non-traditional employees. She has advised the New York Bar Association on retention issues of senior associates.

Prior to her organizational practice, Dr. Valdes taught graduate and undergraduate courses in psychology, counseling, and testing. She is an adjunct professor at the Navy Post Graduate School, University of Maryland and Eckerd College. She was the Director of Human Resources for the Denver Department of Human Services for 10 years and previously was appointed to the Civil Service Commission to supervise all testing for entry-level personnel and candidates for promotion in the Police and Fire Departments within the City and County of Denver.

Dr. Valdes is very interested in financial investment practices and is president of her financial investment club. She personally oversees her own personal financial portfolio and stock picks.

She has traveled extensively, backpacking through every Western European country and parts of North Africa. She has also traveled in Central America and the Caribbean. She has worked in Western Europe, South and Central America, Puerto Rico, Turkey and the Far East. She has visited Eastern Europe, India, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.